Obniżka! Hodiny z dreva vitajte v mojom dome MDF . Fi 15 cm Zobacz większe

Wooden clock Retro Edition. Material: MDF, size: 15 cm



Wooden clock and spectacular appearance is refreshing. Exclusive clocks in your home can juice your walls to life.

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Exclusive wooden clock, the warmth of home.

Wooden wall clock are equipped with quality German movements for secondary batteries AA 1.5V, which aids and hands of quality, brushed steel, aluminum or painted according to color.


 Technical information:

* Creative wooden clock, can juice your wall.
* Material: Wood
* Glass: clear, colored paint, photo
* Hours Movement: Quartz
* Specified batteries: AA
Number of batteries: 1
* Batteries Included: No
* Dimensions length: it is the basic description, title.
* Thickness: from 0.4 to 22 mm
* Finish: color, paint, solid wood, fibreboard
* Color Image can distort reality wall clocks shade

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